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Brett Ullman

The Talk: Parenting - Navigating Everything
Friday September 9th 2022
7 - 8:30 PM @ Maranatha Church Auditorium
$10 a person, or $15 per couple. 

"We all want the best for our kids but which parenting information do we choose? With over 75,000 parenting books produced in the past 21 years and the many voices, articles and online resources available, the task of figuring out where to turn for parenting advice is overwhelming. Some foundational
parenting questions all parents must consider: 

  • What are Parenting Styles and which ones should I be using in my parenting?
  • How can I gain better communication skills and use them with my children?
  • What does spending time with my kids look like?
  • How do I effectively discipline my children?

In this talk I (Brett Ullman) will look at where parents can begin these discussions, and give them practical tools so they can effectively talk with their kids about all of the following areas:

  • Family Discipleship (how to raise our kids in our Christian faith)
  • Health (mental, emotional, physical)
  • Sexuality (pornography, dating, marriage)
  • Media (TV, movies, music, social media)
  • Drug / Alcohol use & abuse
  • Education
  • Finances"

Let's look together at how we can best help our kids navigate the world they are growing up in.

Please bring payment to the event in cash OR send an etransfer to and indicate what the payment is for. 
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