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June 26, 2022

Welcoming New Members

Thirty-two people who recently took Maranatha’s membership class are taking a step in their faith journey today.  Some are joining Maranatha from previous church homes.  Some have been part of our church’s community for many years and are now becoming official members.  Some are making their Professions of Faith—publicly declaring that they accept the promises God spoke over them at their baptism, and that they want to follow Jesus Christ with all their heart.  Some are receiving believer’s baptism—which means they will be publicly professing their faith and receiving the sign of baptism which they have not yet received.

We are grateful for each and every one of these people.  Each one has a unique relationship with God.  Each is precious to God.  We pray that Maranatha will be a church home where they can be loved, grow in their faith, and use their gifts to serve.

While each of these people has a unique walk with God, we are on a journey together.  God is weaving a rich tapestry with us, interconnecting all of our lives in His unfolding story.  We are excited to see what He will do as each of us plays our part in our growing community.  –Pastor Tom

PS.  During the summer months many of us take vacation.  This weekly God Moving at Maranatha article will also be taking a summer break.  There may be a special edition of God Moving if something comes up that warrants it.  Otherwise, plan to see it again in your bulletin, and on the website, in September.


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