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October 23, 2022

The Love of a City Wide Church

              Something special is happening among the churches and ministries of our city. There is a renewed eagerness to impact Belleville and the surrounding area as the one, citywide church of Jesus Christ. The latest expression of this passion is a plan to launch a joint ministry directed toward the financially disadvantaged called “Neighbourlink”.

 Neighbourlink’s purpose will be to spread the light and love of Jesus Christ by linking people in need with people who can help. In some cases, this will be done by connecting willing church volunteers with people who need specific assistance. In others, it will be done by helping people connect with resources already present in the city.

 Neighbourlink will not duplicate services already being offered in the city or compete with other ministries. Rather, it will seek to partner with and support existing agencies and governmental organizations.

World Vision Canada gave the initial impetus to Neighbourlink, sponsoring several expressions of the ministry around Ontario. While World Vision is no longer involved, several Neighbourlink ministries continue to be active in various parts of the province. The Neighbourlink ministry in Chatham-Kent, headed by Al Baker, a former Maranatha Church member, is a model the BCM finds particularly inspiring. Al writes, “We have a great relationship with the other agencies in town. In many cases, they have come to depend on us for the free services we offer”.

Organizations seem to understand that Christians have a unique purpose and insight into addressing the needs of people.” 

This latest effort of the churches in Belleville is yet another example of how the Holy Spirit is moving in big ways in our city. Neighbourlink’s launch is scheduled for September of 2023. Please keep this ministry in your prayers.

Pastor Tom


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