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God Moving At Maranatha


October 30, 2022


Maranatha’s vision document, Join the Journey, encourages each of us “to identify at least one person with whom [we] are walking on a journey toward Christ.” We encourage this because the Gospel impacts people most powerfully when it is shared by someone who cares about them and is prepared to walk with them on their journey of discipleship.

I hope you are walking with someone now living far from God, on a journey toward faith in Christ. If you are, or if you truly want to be, I have some great news for you. You do not have to do this alone! The church community is there to support you. In the new year we will be offering an ALPHA course. ALPHA combines the power of Christian fellowship and hospitality with a winsome presentation of the Gospel. It is the perfect place to bring your unchurched friends.

At an ALPHA evening, you and your invited guest will join others for a meal and casual conversation.  You will watch an engaging video that reflects on a Biblical truth relevant to people who are exploring the meaning of life. Then, in a small group setting, you will share openly and honestly with one another about what you heard. Over the 11 weeks of the course, you will have the opportunity to grow in your relationship with God and group members as you learn together.

Many people at Maranatha can testify to the effectiveness of the ALPHA program because it has a long history in the church and many here have come to faith in Christ, or have been helped to grow in their faith, through the program. 

The ALPHA Team will soon finalize the exact dates, but the program is set to launch in the winter of the new year. This is the time for you to be praying about who you might invite to ALPHA!

 - Pastor Tom


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